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Discussion in 'English Only' started by veracity, Feb 21, 2010.

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    Vancouver 2010: The place of alpine skiing is called Whistler Creekside. On the map of Canada I have found a number of places called "something Creek".
    Certainly I know the word creek as a small river or brook.
    However I checked it in my dictionary and it has other meanings too, not to my big surprise.

    I am just ruminating over that.

    Its other meanings are - gulsh, canyon, gorge, notch.

    What do Canadian imagine when hearing Cache Creek or Scotch Creek, Fox Creek? Do they think of a brook or instead a canyon? (or both at the same time)

    Sorry for this strange question.

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    Hi - It's not a strange question at all. Since I lived for many years in Vancouver, I'm well familiar with all the geographical names that you mention in your post.

    As far as I can tell, creek in Canadian English means a small river or a brook. In the specific names Whistler Creekside and Cache Creek, I can confirm that in those instances it does mean a small river, as I have seen the river in question. Perhaps it carries the other meaning in Scotch Creek and Fox Creek, but I would generally guess that it most often carries the meaning small river or brook.

    Hope that helps.
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    jpyvr thank you.
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    To me, equating "creek" with "canyon" is utter nonsense.

    I live on a stream called McKay Creek that flows through agricultural fields.

    Note that the online dictionary here makes no such excursion from the norm for creek
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    By the way, in Britain it means something different: a creek is a small estuary or inlet of the sea. But in North America and Australia it can be any small stream, not necessarily close to the sea. I would guess that where it seems to mean "canyon, gorge" it's because there is a creek (stream) in the canyon/gorge.
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    Thank you entangledbank.
    You must be right, here is the proof.
    A gorge made (at least in part) by a creek.

    There must be some misunderstanding in my dic, the oldest and biggest dictionary in Hungary.

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