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I'll appreciate i f anyone can help me with the meaning of the term "creep-feeding". I'm reading an article about sheep end it mentions that term several times but I can't get the meaning from the context nor from any dictionary.
  • nzfauna

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    Hi there David, yes it's a specific term, so I'm not surprised you couldn't find it easily. What I did is type "definition creep feeding" into google.

    Creep Feeding: A feed setup that contains an area with food that the piglets can enter, but the mother cannot - thereby allowing the piglets to eat the food without the mother scoffing it first.


    For example, if you have mother and piglets in a pen, you might have a food area fenced off with bars that the piglets can get through (because they are small), but the mother is too big to get to.

    I think they do this for weaning purposes.