Creo languages


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I herd someone speak of creo-languages, and they appear to be the sort of language that immigrants might create when arriving in a new culture, and start picking up words, but no structure. I can't find it on the dictionary, though. Is this familiar to anyone? Have I spelt it allright?
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    I believe the term you are looking for is creole, or creolized language. It would be capitalized when referring to a specific creolized language, such as Haitain Creole. A Creole is also a person who speaks one of these languages.

    Here are some other uses of creole paraphrased from a dictionary: a person of European descent born in the West Indies or Spanish America / a person descended from or culturally related to the original French settlers of the souther U.S., especially Louisiana / the French dialect spoken by these people / a person descended from or culturally related to the Spanish or Portugese settlers of the Gulf states / a black slave born in the Americas as opposed to one brought from Africa .
    creolized language: a language derrived from a pidgin but more complex in grammar and vocabulary because it has become the native language of a community.