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    Dear experts,

    I am translating a autopsy report from Chinese to English.

    And I am not sure if I translated the following sentence correct.

    "There was bilateral lung swelling and crepitus was heard when pressing the lungs."

    Is crepitus a sound or sensation?
    Is it more correct to say "...and crepitus was felt." or simply "...and crepitus."

    The source text reads:双侧肺呈肿胀饱满,有明显捻发感

    Thank you,
  2. SuperXW

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    I can't even understand the Chinese text. It's too hard for me. Sorry, can't help ya~
  3. xiaolijie

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    English (UK)
    I don't know what "捻发感" means but if you use "crepitus", you can use "heard".
    For "双侧肺呈肿胀饱满", I would translate as "both lungs showed severe swelling".

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