crew call

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emre aydın

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A singer's manager holds a meeting with the singer's crew.
Someone from the crew is absent in the meeting and then he asks the manager:

"Was there some sort of crew call I missed?"

What's "the call" here refers to?

Decision, request or meeting, which one? Thanks for your helps.
  • Minnesota Guy

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    American English - USA
    I'd interpret it as a request. Or actually, something stronger: an announcement of a meeting, at which the crew is expected to be present.

    Maybe someone with experience in show business can confirm or contradict this?


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    US English
    I'd say "a crew call"" is "a meeting in which the entire crew is addresed". Of course, today it could be an e-message which was sent to all the members of the crew.
    [Edit: But I have no experience in showbiz.]


    Senior Member
    British English
    Surely it means "a call for the crew to assemble for a meeting" - as Minnesota Guy suggested.
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