Cricket ball [grasshopper testicle]


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Hello, everybody!

I came across this joke in my English class:

"If I had one cricket ball in one hand and another cricket ball in the other hand, what would I have? A damn big cricket"

I'm afraid I can't understand this joke, though I guess it must lie in the ambiguity of the word cricket - it refers to both an 'insect' and a 'ball game'. I would appreciate it if someone could explain the joke to me.

Thank you very much in advance
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    No, it's the ambiguity of the word 'ball'.

    'Balls' is a euphemism for testicles. So the joke lies in the idea of holding the testicles of a giant cricket (insect).


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    It's a play on the double meaning of the word "ball." At the beginning of the joke, we think of a "cricket ball" as the round object with which the game of cricket is played. At the end, the meaning shifts to the slang term for testicle. If you had the testicle of a cricket (the insect) in each hand, it would be a very large cricket.

    (Not that crickets have testicles on the outside.)

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    Wow! I was completely wrong! Thank you very much indeed. How embarrassed I feel now! :eek:
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