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    Hello, everybody!
    In the cartoon "Quest for Camelot" there's this creature, two-headed dragon acting as comic relief. Both of his heads are constantly arguing between each other and making jokes about wanting to separate. The head on a long neck is called Devon, and the second one - Cornwall or Corny. You can see what he looks like on Google by entering "devon cornwall camelot". Now the two main characters, peasant girl and blind guy accidentally find this creature hiding in the cave within the old dragon eggshell:

    DEVON: Heavens! Someone's found our hiding place.
    CORNWALL: Shut up, Cricket Ball. Let me handle this.

    The question is this - why did C call D Cricket Ball? What's it supposed to imply? Any ideas?
  2. RocketScience Senior Member

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    Cricket balls are extremely heavy, dense and thick... could be a way of calling something thick (very stupid).
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    I doubt many American audience members of this American movie got anything from it other than "silly insult". We don't know what cricket balls are like.
  4. At approximately five and a half ounces, cricket balls are not 'extremely heavy'. They are, however, hard, solid and dangerous when hurled at speeds of up to 100mph.
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    I think I have the answer to this. Apparently one of the heads, - the one with the long neck, the sophisticated and intelligent one, has the voice of British actor Eric Idle and is called Devon. The other one has an American accent and is called Cornwall.

    I suggest that Cornwall is mocking Devon's British accent and speech habits when he calls him "Cricket Ball". Cricket is regarded as a typically British sport.
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    Well, I'm no expert on accents, both heads sound British to me. I've made 10-second sound clip with this part, hope it's not against the rules. Here's the link, you can listen without downloading anything: <<>> Are they really talking with different accents? By the way, is it possible that maybe Devon in Great Britain has something special to do with cricket, hence the name Cricket Ball?
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  7. No, that's not it. Devon is only one of a number of clubs in the Minor Counties League of British cricket.
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    According to the Internet Movie Database, the voice of Cornwall is Don Rickles, an American comedian known for calling people "hockey puck." I think it's intended to be a British equivalent of that insult.
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    Thanks, everybody!

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