cricket pronounced krooket?


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In a stand-up comedy number of his (am not allowed to post link), Robin Williams clearly pronounces the word cricket as krooket. Is that how it's pronounced in certain parts of the UK? If so, where? Robin Williams was doing that number on Scotland. I looked it up on forvo but the American speakers pronounced it krikit, and that's the way it appears in dictionaries as well.

When I first heard krooket I thought maybe, just maybe, Robin Williams was talking about another sport. Then I heard it again on BBC last night on The Weakest Link (sorry, I don't remember the sentence), and it was clearly about cricket.

Thank you!
  • morior_invictus

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    Hi susanna,
    I can`t see any reason why someone would pronounce "cricket" like that. :confused: Of course, there may be some regional accent that would pronounce it as "krooket", but it would sound strange to my ears. :(

    mr cat

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    Hi susanna, he's actually saying 'croquet' which is a game vaguely similar to golf, it's not very commonly played so I can see why you would think it was cricket.


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    The "t" in Croquet is mute. The expected pronunciation by an American speaker is /kroʊ'keɪ/. Does that match what you hear?
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