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I don't understand the last sentence. Players need to predict where the next point (?) will be scored? Is it possible in cricket to score a 'boundary'? What is meant by 'ball-by-ball coverage'?

Developed by cricket enthusiasts and also available for Apple iPhone handsets or online at, Roulette Cricket allows fans to enjoy the sport in a new and interactive way while watching live at the ground, over the Internet or via television. The game is based on the simple premise of giving customers the opportunity to predict where the next boundary will be scored along with full ball-by-ball coverage.

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  • In cricket, batsmen score runs, not points.

    A boundary means the ball is hit to the rope at the perimeter of the playing area and counts four runs, or six if it crosses the rope or edge directly from the bat without touching the ground.

    Ball-by-ball coverage is a TV programme which shows every ball bowled during a match.

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