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I have never seen it in print but I hear it used in casual speech all the time

Who would like to volunteer to bake the cupcakes for the charity event? Anyone? Anyone? Crickets. Ok, we can just buy them.

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[a black student achieves a perfect score on a standardized math test]

You’d think he’d have immediately made the syndicated black radio circuit, would have had his photo plastered all over his state media, or, at least, have made a blurb in the African-American press. But, he wasn’t. In fact, when word first got out about Amir and his peers’ achievements, what did he and his family hear: crickets, crickets. Sending a clear and disappointing message that someone just doesn’t care about the academic accomplishments of our children.

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    What an interesting contribution!

    Here is another citation that shows its use:

    She lamented that through the stressful process of job hunting she has been stood up, emails not returned and sometimes, silence, just crickets. (Grace Boyle on Aug. 31, 2010.)


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    Well, I'm glad to say this is something we share in Spanish (or at least with the Spanish variety I'm more familiar with). :) I think this meaning has something to do with the well-known cinematic sound effect, which has become a commonplace to convey the idea of a (sometimes embarrassing or uncomfortable) silence. This silence occurs after a silly or bad joke. It may also happen when someone suggests or asks for something that their interlocutor don't seem to be willing to do. It marks an interruption in the conversation.

    Nice addition, indeed. :)
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