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    I'm trying to find the correct translation for the term "criminal justice" ie/ "Criminal Justice Association of Ontario" should be..."L'Association de la justice criminel de l'Ontario"?

    Criminal justice is the system of practices and institutions of governments directed at upholding social control, deterring and mitigating crime, and sanctioning those who violate laws with criminal penalties and rehabilitation efforts.

    Thank you! Merci beaucoup!
  2. LivingTree

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    The justice system is la justice.

    But the criminal justice system is generally le système de justice pénale.

    Criminal justice, in the sense your definition refers to, is la justice pénale.

    You can't give an organization a name in another language if it doesn't have one. Fortunately, here in Ontario, organizations like that do. The easy way to discover it is to find the organization's website.

    Less fortunately, no organization by that name seems to exist, at least that Google can find. Canadian Criminal Justice Association, yes -- Association canadienne de justice pénale. Nova Scotia, yes. Ontario, no.

    You have evidence of its existence I imagine? ;)
  3. LivingTree

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    The CCJA site lists among its affiliates:


    but the site is dead:

    There is an email address at the CCJA page that you might try, to enquire.

    Perhaps the organization you have is a recent replacement for the one above?
  4. EmilyR New Member

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    Thank you very much...Merci! :D
  5. UBJ43X Senior Member

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    I'm English and have translated French and Italian into English for 20 years, including some legal texts. I'm not a lawyer - I have a French BA degree only. I'm not yet sure what noun you need for the English word "justice" but I think the adjective you need for "criminal" is "pénal". As evidence, I have a French law textbook entitled "Droit pénal et procédure pénal" by J.-C. Soyer, which I think wd be translated "Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure" (i.e. a book about what is actually against the criminal law and how crimes are dealt with by the police, courts, probation, prisons, etc.).
    As for the English word "justice", perhaps the "droit" in that book title is all you need? I.e. maybe "droit pénal" is the complete translation of "criminal justice".
  6. EmilyR New Member

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    Going by the Canadian Criminal Justice Association website it should be L'Association de Justice Pénal de l'Ontario... so "Justice Pénal" seems to be the correct translation for the term "Criminal Justice".
    Many thanks for your help!
    Merci beaucoup!
  7. LivingTree

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    It is indeed, in that context, justice pénale -- but the name of the association would be what it is, not what it should be. You need to determine the actual name, if that is what you are needing. An email to the CCJA might be a quick solution.

    (I'm an ex-lawyer who practised in both languages and I work in law in both languages now.)
  8. EmilyR New Member

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    My father is the head of this new organization, he asked me to help translate the name for his letterhead etc... and therefore I feel it should reflect the naming of the larger national body. So today we created, "L'Association de Justice Pénal de l'Ontario" thank you for your advice and assistance.
  9. LivingTree

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    It really would have helped to know that at the outset, you know? I kind of guessed right, but I was casting about in the dark.

    Yes, modeled on the CCJA name will work perfectly.

    [Tell him Viscount Sankey's 2nd cousin 4 times removed approves, and he should be amused.]
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    (La justice - féminin):)
  11. LivingTree

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    Not féminine? ;)

    After typing it a gazillion times, I didn't read it ...
  12. EmilyR New Member

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    talk about can't see the forest for the trees... :eek:

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