criminal law treatise 22 A.L.R. 3rd 1228

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    Hello, I would like to know what 22 A.L.R. 3rd 1228 stands for. From what I've gathered so far, A.L.R. stands for the American Law Reports series, 22 - the 22nd volume, but what are 3rd and 1228? Section and page? And am I correct, is it the 22nd volume or the third? Thank you.
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    Firstly, thank you for your answer.
    Secondly, I did do research before posting here, but it wasn't very helpful, nor is the article on Wikipedia that you referred me to. 1228 could have been the page number or the case number or perhaps a subsection. And if "3rd" means third series, what does "22" refer to? (criminal law treatise 22 A.L.R. 3rd 1228).

    I certainly don't mean to contradict you, but from what I've found, ALR is the first series containing 22 volumes, so it would make sense for "22nd" to mean the 22nd volume and maybe "3rd" the third annotation.
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    >>22 A.L.R. 3rd 1228

    22 is the volume number, 3rd is the series, and 1228 is the page number.

    Are you translating episodes of the television program Boston Legal? There's a website that provides transcripts for fans who have problems with their vision and those "for whom English is a second language" that may be useful to you. You can link to them from the Episodes page.
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    Yes, thank you both for your help.

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