cripple stud


Can somebay know the meaning of this term, " cripple stud", it is a doc on architectural structures!!! But can´t find the appropriate word for this!!! please I need help!!
  • Rwaskowitz

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    US English
    A cripple stud is a short stud (usually very short) which does not run all the way from the bottom plate to the top plate such as you would place under a window sill or above a window or door header. A jack stud is similar (in that it does not run all the way to the top plate) but a jack stud sits on the bottom plate and carries the load of the header above it. A king stud would be installed next to a jack stud and would run all the way to the top plate.

    This is the meaning in framing construction. What you would call it in Spanish however, I do not know.
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