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I'd like to ask what is a crippled person called in french? I've loooked around and found "invalide" but that sounds strange, but that might just be me.

Fox était un invalide mais...
Fox was a cripple but...
  • orlando09

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    English (England)
    Just for the benefit of French-speakers, is "cripple" considered a standard sort of expression in Canada? In the UK it sounds pretty insulting these days and we'd say a disabled person instead. A few decades ago it was probably fine - these things where there is potential for offence seem to go out of date quite fast. Not so long ago in the UK there was a charity called The Spastics Society, which is now completely out of date/deemed offensive etc.


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    As Orlando points out, the word 'cripple' is not politically correct and conjures up visions of Eddie Murphy in the movie 'Trading Places' (does anyone remember that movie?) or even worse images than that. It's a word that you don't see used much any more. 'Handicapped' or 'disabled' are preferred.

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