... critics now fear him as well as disliking him. Why -ing?


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So, why do we say disliking instead of simply dislike ?

At home critics now fear him as well as disliking him.
The Economist, Erdogan Cracks Down

It doesn't strike me as an odd expression, but I still can't explain why the author used -ing. Could you help? Isn't like a stative verb (hence its derivatives are stative verbs as well)?
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    In this sentence dislike comes after as well as, which is a phrasal preposition and so the -ing form is used.

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    There's a page you might useful here, (source: BBC World Service Learning English), exc1ter.

    It says:
    "When we use as well as - similar in meaning and usage to in addition to - as a subordinating conjunction, the '-ing' form in the verb which follows is required:
    'As well as playing tennis with Steve three times during the week, I (also) play badminton with my wife at the weekend.'

    'In addition to working on his Ph.D. dissertation, he (also) translates articles for The Weekly Review.'

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