croître de préférence


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What is meant with "croître de préférence" here?

"ces essences croissant de préférance dans les régions montagneuses d'Anatolie et Iraq"

these species tending to grow/growing in abundance in the mountainous regions of Anatoly and Iraq
  • Gérard Napalinex

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    Bonjour whoisi

    Actually, "croître" is to grow and "de préférence" is preferrably.
    So your choice of "tending" is great, but "abundance" is not included in the original sentence.


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    There'd be various ways of wording this. E.g., "These species are found notably in. . .", or perhaps, "These species' preferred habitat is. . ."


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    If this refers to plants, which have little choice in establishing their roots:), perhaps they show their preference by growing abundantly and/or strongly, i.e., they flourish.

    So 'species that flourish in the mountainous regions of ...'
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