Croatian (BCS): Jer tvoja ljubav me razapela

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  1. Eloy1988

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    Barcelona, España.
    Can someone translate this for me?

    Jer tvoja ljubav me razapela
    Odrjesila me je mojih grijeha
    Svijedok mi bog srca mi mog
    Ova zena zna da ti pripadam svaaaaa

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. FilipSoul New Member

    Hi :)
    I know the song, but I never tried to translate it. So, the "razapela me" part is interesting because it can mean "to stretch" and "to crucify"; I think crucifixion goes better; and "witness" is spelt with "je", hence "svjedok".
    Here's the translation:

    Because your love crucified me;
    It released my sins.
    As God as my witness, [I swear] on my heart,
    This woman knows to belong to you.

    o en castellano:
    Porque tu amor me crucifico';
    Me libero' de mis pecados.
    Como Dios es mi testigo, [te juro] por mi corazo'n
    Que esta mujer sabe como pertenecerte.

    espero que veas el mensaje, tio, dado que pasaron anos desde que pediste la traduccion ;)


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