Croatian (BCS): kuna, lipa

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    Whodunit said:
    Shouldn't we move this thread to the Other Language Forum for further questions? Here's mine: Does the coin really say "slavuj"? So, it must show a bulbul or nightingale on one side, which is strange because I have never seen a coin on which I could read a bird's name (by the way, I am collecting coins). :)

    Here you have it, it's like this one. It's from 1995



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    Whodunit said:
    Not necessarily.
    Doch. ;)
    "Kuna" on this coin means "kuna" which is the Croatian currency. The plural is "kuna". FYI, the "small coins" are "lipe" (singular: lipa). ;)
    Kuna, the animal, gave a name to the currency (marten fur used to be a popular means of exchange. You can see a marten on one of the coins.

    By the way, lipa is a Slavic word for linden. I don't know the connection between payments and linden, but lipa/lípa is a popular Slavic (or Czech only?) symbol.