Croatian (BCS): neka, neka!

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    Dear forum,

    once again, I just repeat some expressions I've heard in my job.

    In a group of aged Croatian tourists (mostly zagrebački, if this information could help), there was a little jam at the entrance of a bar and one of them shouted "neka, neka!" to another tourist, menacing him (friendly) with the hand. What on earth told him to do or not do do?

    Warm (20 ºC) and sunny thanks from Funchal!
  2. Duya Senior Member

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    Tough to say without more context.

    Neka! or neka, neka!, literally 'let go' or 'let', as an exclamation is used to denote 1) speaker's reluctant acceptance of the situation: 'I'll let you go away with it this time', 'let them have it for now', or 2) a praise to someone else that he did it well: Neka si ga udario, zaslužio je! ('You did well to punch him, he deserved it'). So, only the actors could possibly know what had instigated it.
  3. DenisBiH

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    Duya, to me, "Neka, neka!" in this case seems similar to colloquial Bosnian "Ohani, bolan". I personally have used "Neka, ba, smiri" and the like before, with the meaning "Relax / Take it easy / Calm down" (with a slightly menacing overtone).
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  4. Duya Senior Member

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    You're right, could be that, too. Along the lines of Neka, neka, pusti 'c'mon, c'mon, let it go' (stipu, ba, štob' mi rekli. :D)

    When I think about it, that word neka is rather ubiquitous.
  5. Miliu Member

    Probably it was a "take it easy", because they all hurried to take a seat! Thanks.

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