Croatian/Bosnian (BCS): nismo culi ovih


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May I know what does this phrase "nismo culi ovih" mean, please?

Read it as part of a letter, unfortunately I'm not sure of the context...

I would be very thankful for any help!
  • frone

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    But many thanks for your kind effort :)

    Actually, I did some search, and found that "nismo" means "we don't" (or "we didn't", as you said? :))

    But I really have no idea of "culi" and "ovih"

    Thanks once again!


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    Tkekte gave you a tentatively correct answer, but the problem is that it's a broken sentence fragment, with a wrong case used.

    "Nismo čuli ove" (accusative) would be normal (we didn't hear those).
    "Nismo čuli ovih" (genitive) is quite curious, and I can hardly imagine a native speaker would say something like that. I'd venture a wild guess that it might be a part of "Nismo čuli ovih dana da..." (We didn't hear these days that...)


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    Slovenian, Slovenia
    This genitive can be perhaps some Slovenian influence, in Slovenian accusative change to genitive if the sentence is negated. But I don't know if this is also true for some Croatian dialect near Slovenian border.