Croatian (?): Bunjevačko Momačko Kolo


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Hello, friends, I have a piece of sheet music with the title that you see above, labeled "Yugoslavian".
Google Translate said "Croatian detected", but I suspect this is a wild guess. No translation was given.
Can you help me with the meaning?
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    Hi, according to this link (, it's a Serbian bachelors' folk dance. The relevant info (which can't be cut and pasted from the pdf) says it's Serbian, "Bunievachko" refers to the people of the Bachka region, a province of Serbia, ... 'and "Momachko" refers to "bachelors".'

    There are a number of examples of it in all its glory on a well-known video streaming site, to which we're not allowed to link. ;)
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    It's seen from the videos on Youtube, that women and men dance this dance, not only men.
    Bunjevci are an ethnic minority living in the northernmost part of Serbia.

    edit: kolo is circle, wheel
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