Croatian declension of adjectives: "Crno vino, crne oči"


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Hello, everybody!

I have a question regarding Croatian declension of adjectives.

I was yesterday listening to the song "Crno vino, crne oči" by Ivana Kovač, which I translate as "Red wine, black eyes" (I know that 'red wine' is said in Croatian either 'crno vino' or 'crveno vino').

But a question came to my mind regarding the adjective declension. Both 'vino' and 'oči' are neuter nouns, being 'vino' singular and 'oči' the plural of oko. I have no doubt with "crno vino" (nominative sing. neuter), but I was quite confused with "crne oči", I was expecting instead "crna oči". According to the declension of the adjective crn, its ending should be -a and not -e for a neuter plural name (I assume it's nominative): for example "crna brda" (black hills).

According to the declension table, 'crne' can only be masculine accusative plural, feminine genitive singular or feminine nom/acc/voc plural, but there is no -e ending for neuter at all:


Nontheless, I am sure "crne oči" is correct and it's me who is wrong, but I don't understand why. Can you help me out of my doubt?

Thanks in advance and regards!

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