Croatian: he's charging


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I don't know how to translate just this one sentence : "He's charging us, darling, he's charging!" said the husband.
it is in one joke which is the part of an Osho discourse, that I am translating.
Here is the complete joke to understand the context.
"A professor-couple living in the country, received an invitation from the local squire to a fancy-dress party. They decided to go as a cow, with the husband at the front and the wife at the back. The party was to be held in the squire's mansion, which was only across a couple of fields, so they thought they might as well walk across in costume.
They had only got half-way across the first field when the husband -- in the front -- said to his wife, "Don't panic, darling, but there's a bull looking at us."
So they kept walking and the bull kept looking. Then the bull started pawing the ground and making his way towards them in a meaningful manner.
"He's charging us, darling, he's charging!" said the husband.

"What are we going to do?" yelled the wife.
So the husband said, "I am going to bend down and eat grass -- you had better brace yourself!"
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