Croatian: I am all with you


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This existence is very obliging. It goes on obliging -- if you want to go to Hell, it supports. It says, 'Go! I am all with you.
Postojanje je vrlo obvezujuće. Ono obavezuje- ako hoćeš ići u pakao, ono podržava.
Kaže " Idi! Ja sam u svemu s tobom. :confused:
or Idi! Ja sam uvijek s tobom?
or Idi! Slažem se.

which translation is best. ?
Thank you!
(Happy New Year! :) )
  • Richie!

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    I like your text so much, and I like both options, is hard deciding for the effects that produce each one!
    Is valid mixing it?, something like:

    Existence is very binding. Secure yourself to the obligation if looking for hell, just hold on tight.
    He says: "Wherever you go I will be with you, ...all!
    Well, you could go away, somehow I'm always with you...". - Confused: -"Get out of my sight: RIGHT NOW!"
    "I agree..."

    Wooow I am still imaginating it! Its a great segment!
    Happy New Year!!!
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    For 'I am all with you' I would consider "Sav [masculine] sam s tobom" because, except where emphasis is intended, Serbo-Croatian usually implies the subject.