Croatian: inventar/inventura/inventarizacija

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  1. Miliu Member

    Dear foreros,

    could you correct me, please?

    A complete list of goods in stock is "inventura" (inventory)
    The goods listed in stock is "inventar" (inventory too)
    the actions to prepare this list is called "inventarizacija" (inventory, once again).

    The verbs we use with them woud be: pripremati/upisati inventuru , imati inventar/biti u inventaru, raditi/organizirati (organizovati) inventarizaciju?

    Any verb related to this term? (inventarivati, inventariti...tko zna?).

  2. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    According to my sense, and HJP agrees, inventura and inventarizacija are synonymous, meaning "making the list of inventory", while inventar means just "inventory". I find inventura much more common than inventarizacija. When they close a shop for it, they will often stick "inventura" or even just "inventar" on the door.

    The verb is not too commonly used; the form most often encountered in Serbia and Bosnia is inventarisati, while in Croatian it could be inventarizirati or inventirati.

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