Croatian: Nek' ti bude ljubav sva

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    I would like to know the meaning of this "idiom", which is the title of a song by Croatian crooner Tony Cetinski.


    Carlos M. S.
  2. Duya Senior Member

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    On Wikipedia, it is translated as You may have all the love, which I agree with.

    Nek ti bude is idiomatic; it literally translates to 'let it be for you', and means 'let you have it' or 'have the last word'. 'Ljubav sva' is in poetic, reversed order.

    I must admit that I had difficulties parsing the meaning of the verse, until I saw the translation. It's not something one would utter in normal speech. Matter of licencia poetica, I guess.
  3. Vanja Senior Member

    Full meaning: You may / May you have all the love but mine! (I'm leaving, I'm tired... ) It's his farewell wish to her.
  4. Duya Senior Member

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    Hm. I've read the entire lyrics, but I don't parse it the same way as you (the red part). I'd say it's open to interpretation...
  5. Vanja Senior Member

    Aha... so now I know something about you ;)
    So, do you believe that a man who loves a woman - wishes her all the best, all the love in the world, while saying goodbye to her? That sounds like a real Christian love and forgiveness, but if he said: Ali boli tvoja prevara... mene si prodala... onaj ko te je ljubio, spalio je sve u mojim očima... does he forgive her? No. "I loved you, but I'm not going to love you anymore. I am sad, I am tired... but I still have strength to leave you and spare myself further pain", he says. He gave up. If you have given up on loving her, do you love her? No, you gave up.
    Well, I greet differences....

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