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Hi everybody,

I wonder if anybody knows how to call a "croc-magnon" in english, i couldn't find it over the internet :eek: and its kind of important. Thank youuuuu

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    Could you give some context? That would help explain the reason for the C in croc-magnon, assuming that it is a play on words.


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    Cro-magnon is homo sapiens sapiens, not néanderthal. It's a primitive modern human. But you can keep it or rather use caveman if it's used in a dismissive way in you sentence.

    Uncle Bob

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    The only thing I've found with "croc-magnon" (original post) is the title of a song by a Quebec group advising a badly treated woman to leave her husband. There is no obvious reason for the added 'c' so I suppose the songwriter didn't know the proper spelling.
    PS It's like that on their CV in Wikipedia, and isn't just the usual misspelling by people who write out song lyrics on the internet.
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