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I'm doing a short menu translation for a Belgian restaurant. I hate doing these, as if it were my restaurant I'd leave the menu in French! The English translation always sounds so mundane...

Anyway, one example is a dessert item called "Le Croquant au chocolat".

I reaaally do not want to call it a chocolate cookie!!
Classy alternative urgently required please...

EDIT: I'm inclined to translate it as "Crunchy chocolate croquant"
English-speaking customers may not know what a croquant is, but the 'crunchy' should give them the general idea.
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    My edit crossed with the above posts...
    If I can stop drooling over the images, I take Michelvar's point about the cake/biscuit problem, and I don't know how this customer is presenting it, so I'll leave it as "Crunchy chocolate croquant"
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