Cross-bands [from PC game pt. 5]

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Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding certain phrases. I’m not a native speaker so it’d be great if you can elaborate and explain some meanings to me J

I have to firstly give you a synopsis – I’m playing Pillars of Eternity, a recent PC game which is known also for its sophisticated vocabulary (archaic words, scientific terminology etc.). Of course most of terms and phrases can be found online or guessed from its context, however there are some which cannot be translated directly. Could you check the below sentences and advise what this particular phrases mean ?

This shield appears to have once quite literally comprised the front of a larder. It still has the pull-ring and metal cross-bands reinforcing its surface, giving it considerable heft when swung at an opponent. – what are these actually? Are these the metal stripes attached horizontally in the upper and lower parts of the wood? Is it an actual term? I couldn’t find it in any dictionary.
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    I’d imagine that they’re bands/bars of metal that run across the surface to reinforce it and give it greater structural integrity. I hope this make sense!
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