cross border geospatial interoperable solutions.


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Hi again, this time is so dificult to me to translate this sentence:

the creation of cross border geospatial interoperable solutions

My trying: la cración solución geoespaciainteroperable fronteriza, but it makes no sense!!


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    Hi menceya,
    Well, I'm sorry to be late, but this needs a little minor reworking.
    "Solutions" is advertising jargon, mostly, but usually we can translate it literally, as the plural word "soluciones." "Creación de soluciones" is the main idea of your phrase. The solutions are directly related to "geospatial" technology. The other adjectives are secondary and related to each other (the system operates on both sides of a border so it has "interoperability").

    You could say: la creaci
    ón de soluciones geospaciales para la interoperabilidad a través de fronteras.

    There are probably other good options, but this is the one that comes to mind.
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