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    Hey! Please could you help me translate the following:

    Here is the context:

    People tend to identify with their region, they coexist in a cultural setting and often even share a cultural identity (as they share transport routes, rivers and cross-border infrastructure facilities)

    Mi intento:
    Las personas tienden a identificarse con su región, cohabitan en un entorno cultura y usualmente comparten la identidad cultural (ya que comparten rutas de transporte e instalaciones de infraestructura para ríos y fronteras)

    I don't like the translation of "instalaciones de infraestructura para ríos y fronteras"

    please help!
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    You may not like it but I think that translation would do. I mean, it's very clear...

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    I think in the list in brackets, there are three shared elements: i) transport routes, ii) rivers and iii) cross-border infrastructure facilities. So I don't think you should translate it as infrastructure facilities "for borders and rivers", thereby bundling ii) and iii) together.

    So I would at least adjust that part to: ya que comparten rutas de transporte, ríos e infraestructuras ....

    On the other hand, for cross-border strategy documents, the EU tends to use the adjective "trasfronteriza", which sounds horrible but I think could express well here the concept of cross-border infrastructures: "infraestructuras trasfronterizas".
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