cross country skiing trails

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Czech / Czech Republic
I'm looking for a right word and I'm unable to find it anywhere. Maybe some of you who like cross country skiing could help me.
I'm translating a guide for cross country skiers, describing various skiing trails/tracks our mountains. Several systems are used to mark the trails - colour signs, direction indicators and sticks/bars/rods stuck in the snow (for instance they are used in fields or meadows where no other system can be used). Skiers are supposed to follow these marks. How would you call them? Stick marking, rod marking, stick signs, bar marking...? Which of these is undestandable for you?
Thank you for any idea
  • deddish

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    English .ca
    I think you could just say "markers in the snow", or maybe "pole-shaped markers". (I don't know exactly what these things are, sorry, but it's my best logical bet.)

    Kelly B

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    USA English
    "Trail markers" is the general term, I think; in my area it is used the same way as for hiking trails. It includes signs, poles and blazes (paint marks) on trees. I also found "snowpoles" on several sites - check an "images" search.


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    Blazes is very often used, and trail markers would be well understood. Blazes need not be (though they often are) painted; in AE, blaze was originally used to mean a mark cut into a tree to mark a trail.
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