Cross country skiing


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Hello! I am not sure how to say "cross country skiing" in spanish. the sentence is:

We rented skis and went cross country skiing.

Thank you!:)
  • sinedeo

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    Spain, Spanish
    In Spain you wouldn't say "esquí a campo traviesa", but "esquí de travesía" or "esquí de fondo".


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    Are they not two different things?

    Nordic ski ing is more or less on the level, generally on prepared tracks. I would call it esquí de fondo or esquí nórdico whereas cross country would be more like esquí de travesía.

    See this link for more details


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    You're absolutely right, I'm sorry. "Esquí de travesía" is the way to climb a mountain with snow, in winter. "Esquí de fondo" is on a prepared track. And the skis are very different.
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