cross-haul / back-haul


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I have found CROSS-HAUL and BACK-HAUL used in a transport context. I suppose they are technical terms that today have leaked into the IT world, but I need their original meaning in connection with the transport industry. Thanks
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    HERE's the definition for "cross-haul" a way of loading freight onto a truck.
    I can find NOTHING in Italian that corresponds to it.
    A WILD guess would be "caricare da un lato"....but I'm sure it sounds ugly to you.

    "Back-haul" means "to return to point of origin". I've found "carichi di ritorno".


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    Here is a picture showing what crosshauling is. And here is a list of logging terms ("haulback" and "crosshaul").
    Could "crosshaul" as a noun be translated as "lentia"?
    De Mauro: TS mar., imbracatura o legatura destinata a sollevare o a far scorrere un corpo cilindrico lungo un piano inclinato