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    Can anyone please clarify the difference between these two terminologies for me: crossdisciplinary and interdisciplinary?

    Thank you in advance for your help. :)
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    They mean the same thing.

    I would put a hyphen in cross-disciplinary, and possibly in inter-disciplinary too.
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    This is how I understand the difference: When we take an interdisciplinary approach to a study, we integrate, let's say, two disciplines - their methods, terminology, research, etc - in our study. (Cf. In medicine, an interdisciplinary team is "a group that consists of specialists from several fields combining skills and resources." (Ref.))

    With a crossdisciplinary approach, we remain rooted in a particular discipline as we make a leap into, say, one other discipline to study some aspects of it from our original point of view. The aim is not integration, but to highlight aspects of the first discipline by means of studying the other.​

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    EStjarn - Your paraphrasing is so good, I registered an account here just to thank you! I wish you edit academic papers for the people I'm reading...

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