croutes au jus de réglisse


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Ooh my first ever post! (Probably of many!)
I'm reading an article from 1893, and am pretty stuck on the slang...I can't find it anywhere! Here is the phrase: (in the context of posters as art, and taking posters from the walls of Paris)

"On peut se procurer de la peinture plus hurf que les croutes au jus de réglisse qui font la jubilation des trous du cul de la haute"

Les croutes au jus de réglisse - the crusts of liquorice?! (Could also mean negro?)
Oh OH maybe liquorice crusts are really gross or something and he's saying that other paintings are rubbish, like liquorice crusts...but posters are ...HURF?!

Merci en avance!! :)
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    "croutes" means a bad painting, something ugly, cheap, made with no talent
    " jus de réglisse" means a painting made with bad colors, as if the painter used water to paint it
    "hurf" or " hurff" : somethin chic, trendy
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