1. PixieLady Member

    English, Britain

    I'm attempting to translate a French text into English, and have come accross the phrase 'croyez-vous?'. It stands alone in the text, after a statetment. I translated it as 'can you believe it?' or rather 'do you believe it?', but given the context, and that fact that the follwing sentence disproves the first, i'm more inclined to think it shoud be along the lines or 'you'd think so wouldn't you?'; especailly as i've translated the follwing sentence as 'It seems that it is actually entirely the opposite'. i was therefore asking if it is plausible for one to translate 'croyez-vous?' as 'You'd think so wouldn't you?'; or is there a simpler explaination?

    thanks :)
  2. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
    How about "do you really think so?"
  3. PixieLady Member

    English, Britain
    It works within the paramenters of the text, but asking a reader 'do you really think so?', could be seen as quite offensive! thank you anyway :)
  4. Eef's Senior Member

    et est-ce que "do you think so?" irait?
  5. bédéiste Senior Member

    English Indiana
    What did you think?

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