crude [oil, petroleum]

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There's this headline from France 24 English
Despite the conflict in Libya, the country's top oil official says Tripoli will keep all of its commitments to deliver crude
The word "crude" is representing a problem to me..
Do they mean "crude oil" ?
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    It's standard, are you sure about that? It looks a lot like they just missed a word out. One can deliver "crudeness" but one cannot deliver "crude". It's a grammatical earsore.

    Thomas Tompion

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    People develop an argot specific to their work. Policemen talk about a fatal, to mean a fatal road accident, or a domestic, to mean a domestic incident. In the oil industry it's common to talk of crude, to mean crude oil. That's why I called it a standard abbreviation; it's one that has leached into everyday language.


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    Note that despite its length, the original sentence is described as a "headline," so it may be written for succinctness. Given what has been going on in Libya for the last month, reasonably informed readers should not have any difficulty understanding that "crude" means "unrefined petroleum" in this context.
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