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Hello! Could you help me? How do you understand the passage below? Is "cruise with that" slang or not?

Anyway they were saying—I swear to God, dude—they were saying that they were going to put me in there too, in that machine, if I didn’t shut up and then Tush said she heard the spirits of the people killed in the car accidents from all the smashed junkyard cars around us... you know how she goes there and gets stoned and says she talks to the ghosts of people that died in those cars... and the spirits were asking her to put Tandy in the car compactor and I couldn’t even cruise with that, serious, and I’m from Venice Beach I mean we’ve seen it all... we used to set bums on fire but... you don’t know the bums, right?

from John Shirey "Answering Machine"

Thank You.
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    To answer your question, the whole of the text is in fairly urban/young/slangy language; so, yes, it is slang, or at least very informal language.
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