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  1. confu$!on New Member

    spain, spanish
    what does "to crush a woman" means?
    can it mean "hacer perder la cabeza a una mujer" in the specific context?

  2. Lucasicu Member

    Chicago, IL (USA)
    USA; English
    Well, I'm not sure from what context you extracted such a wonderful expression, but if it's from the Borat film - in which he says, in response to a few queries about what his ideal date would be, "If she cheat on me, I crush her" - then it's hard to say exactly what Borat meant. Perhaps he really would intend to crush a woman physically (perhaps with just his hands or via some sort of crude Kazak method) but it is also possible that he meant that he would crush her via breaking her down psychologically and emotionally, belittling her endlessly. However, if you're not referring to the Borat film, then I honestly can't tell you what it means to crush a woman - although I do find it highly suspect that you're attempting to add this phrase to your vocabulary; you do know that the crushing of women is now a federal offense, yes?

    Okay, I'm just kidding, of course! Jajaja! Seriously, though, perhaps you ought to wait for someone to answer that isn't slap-happy as hell from not having slept for more than thirty hours.

    Pero, buena suerte con su aventura épica en busqueda de la verdad.
  3. confu$!on New Member

    spain, spanish
    haha lucasicu, i dont know wether it is or not federal offense cause i dont know what it means :O xD I can imagine anyway ;D

    in the fhrase "perder la cabeza" i meant because of love, not to break down psychologically

    i extract it from a song called confusion, from Cycle. it talks about a girl who makes men hot at the disco, at least she would make me hot. I'll paste what it says
    ...you kill my lice
    you flash a bra
    you lick it nice
    you shootin' star
    you lose your pants
    you crush a man
    you run it up
    you're my favourite

    so, in this context, does "you crush a man" means you make a man fall in love with you/get crazy about you?
    well, and i will seize to ask about run it up, what that it means?
  4. chicalita

    chicalita Senior Member

    I believe they want to say they "have a crush on a woman".

    That means they are enfatuated with her. Of course, the context will be the deciding factor of definition.

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