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Dear all,
this is from the novel I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maureen Goo. The narrator, a mechanic's daughter, delivers a panegyric on battered old Honda-Civic.

That’s when I noticed that Luca was staring at me. Oh crap, I had unleashed another layer of nerd on Luca. I flushed but then remembered Hae-Soo from It’s Okay That’s Love, and how she was always so badass whenever she shut people down with her doctor knowledge. For ultimate crush-baiting, be very, very, capable or informed about an unexpected thing to shock and awe those around you in a very cool manner.

Could you please explain what is crush-baiting? I guess For ultimate crush-baiting means to be adorable. Is it really so?
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    I suppose it means "for the purpose of baiting the person you have a crush on". Does she have a crush on Luca?
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