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I am writing an instruction manual about how to manage Christmas preparations without stress - it should be written formally, but should turn out a bit funny. I would like to use this sentence:

Classify the receivers into 5 categories: family members, friends, crush(es), co-workers and acquaintances.
Does the marked part make sense? I mean, the plural in the brackets should be funny...

Thank you.
  • Gwan

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    You mean people you're attracted to? It sounds a bit juvenile, but that doesn't necessarily mean it won't work for the audience you have in mind. As for the plural in brackets, I wouldn't be rolling around on the floor laughing, but I see where you're going with it.


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    That's a tough one. Maybe "romantic interest(s)". "Partner(s)" would work to indicate someone you're currently with (rather than just hoping to be with) but it's not really remotely humorous. I would never describe someone as my "crush", but I can't think of a single word I would use to express that - I suppose I would use a phrase such as "the guy I'm into", but that doesn't work for your context of course.
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