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If you hold someone's hand as if you are trying to shake hand but you hold grip so much that the other person feels pain, now what do you call this action?
Could you give two examples on how to use the word as a name and once as a verb?
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    We need you to provide the example, AntiScam. Please write a sentence that uses one of the words you have in mind, and we can help you decide whether it's the best choice.


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    The problem is that I'm asking about the word that I would use in such an example? Would this be a catch 22 situation?

    Let me try:
    When I met him and shook his hand it wasn't like handshaking it was like he'd crushed my hand. He's big and his handgrip was like a '|pressing machine|'. [I forgot what that machine called in English used by mechanics]


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    Intent plays into this too. Someone can grab your hand with a "vise like grip" and inadvertently grab hard enough to cause pain.

    But the alternative is true too. If the grip is intentionally painful, then "crush" might make sense.

    The bastard crushed my hand in his vise like grip. It hurt for days afterwards.
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