Crush the team in four

Geralt of Rivia

“Tom Beresford.” He held out his hand. I took it. “I don’t mind telling you I’ve never forgiven your dad for crushing the Suns in four.”
“Oh, that,” I said. He was talking about Dad’s second NBA title. “If it means anything, he always said that series was closer than it looked.”

Lock In - John Scalzi

Is anyone familiar with this basketball terminology? Does it mean they swept them in the finals?
  • Glenfarclas

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    English (American)
    Yes. The NBA finals are up to seven games long, but as soon as one team wins four games (making it impossible for the other team to defeat it) the series ends. To win the series "in four" (after playing only four games) would be a sweep.

    For what its worth, the Suns have never been swept in the NBA finals.
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