1. xicede Member

    Hello. I would like to say ....

    'crush' the meringues

    do I use the verb "machacar" in this context?

    Thank you.
  2. alacant

    alacant Senior Member

    Alicante, Spain
    England, english
    A mi me suena muy fuerte machacar, quizas romper, pero como siempre, sin contexto.....
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  3. bondia

    bondia Senior Member

    Illes Balears
    I would say "desmenuzar". To me, "crush" machacar sounds a little too violent. You want to break them up into tiny pieces, not disintegrate them!
    But wait for native replies, I'm sure they'll disagree;)
    Hadn't seen Alacant's post. We seem to agree
  4. Aserolf

    Aserolf Senior Member

    Español - México
    Creo que la mejor palabra a emplear dependerá del contexto. De qué se trata?
  5. xicede Member

    Crush the meringues, mix with vanilla yoghurt and spoon into a tall glass.
  6. alacant

    alacant Senior Member

    Alicante, Spain
    England, english

    Yes we do, but "desmenuzar" is better than my suggestion:thumbsup:
  7. Hi! Are you whisking eggs?. Are you beating whites?. Is this the meaning of meringues in the context?. If it is so I would say: batir los merengues/el merengue.
  8. xicede Member

    desmenuzar it is then! Thank you very much for clearing this up for me.

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