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  1. blueotter New Member

    American English
    How does one translate the concept of a "crush" into Russian?

    Oxford dictionary says "он без ума от неё".
    In another thread on this form I read that "он к ней неравнодушен" translates as he has a BIG crush on her.Both of these phrases seem just a little too strong. I'm looking for the words to light-heartedly tell a Russian friend that I had a little bit of a crush on her. Does the Russian language not have any equivalent to the English concept of a school boy (or school girl) crush?
  2. Maroseika Moderator

    Он к ней неравнодушен means quite a light degree of infatuation, not a crush at all. Maybe a little bit of a crush though.
    The best equivalent of "the English concept of a school boy (or school girl) crush" might be школьная влюбленность.
    Therefore maybe just он в нее влюблен. But без ума от нее is very bookish and is hardly applicable for a school thing.
  3. Natalisha Senior Member

    "он без ума от нее" is really strong because it means "he's crazy about her".
    I would say "он к ней неравнодушен" is neutral.

    You can also say "он запал на нее" (slang).
  4. morzh

    morzh Banned

    In the local dictionary (Wordreference) it is as follows below.

    crush /krʌſ/ n.
    1. (infatuation): she has a ~ on him она́ без ума́ от него́.
    However, I think it is not 100% correct. "Без ума" is stronger than "she's got a crush on you". It usually means a temporary strong attraction.

    I am not sure what a literary way of saying this is, but then "crush" itself is informal too, so in addition to the listed by Natalisha, I heard:

    - Она на тебя глаз положила. (literally - laid her eye on you)
    - Он ее хочешь (intentional mistake, southern-No. / Trans-Caucasian spoken style; pronounce with fake Transcaucasian accent). (He want her, "want" without "s")
    - Он к тебе неравнодушен / неровно дышит. (he is nonchalant about you)
    - Он в нее втюрился (no translation - slang)
    - Она в тебя втрескалась (same - from "трескать", "to crack", a sound made when something is crushed, actually - "трещать")
    - Он пустил пузыри (He is blowing bubbles)
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  5. Natalisha Senior Member

    I've never heard this one! It's new for me. :)
  6. morzh

    morzh Banned

    Держу пари, при счете "три" наш котенок сразу пустит пузыри :) (из Волшебного Фонаря, о ковбое-Виторгане, в присутствии Гурченко-певицы из бара).
  7. rusita preciosa

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    USA (Φιλαδέλφεια)
    Russian (Moscow)
    Он к ней неравнодушен is the best equivalent for "he has a crush on her". It is light enough.
  8. cBorisa New Member

    I agree with rusita preciosa: "Быть неравнодушным" would be the most appropriate translatio for "to have a crush on smb"

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