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What is crush, as in the following piece of text taken from an ADM Q&A document? Presumably, the text is about GHG/energy reductions, so could it be some sort of crushed waste? Or fuel? Thank you.

Other facilities can use utility bills for water (2008 or 2010 baseline) or to verify energy data in the system. An absolute reduction is calculated by taking baseline data and multiplying it by 0,85 to find the 15 % reduction target. If the current year number is less than the reduction target, you have achieved the goal. Similarly, intensity targets are calculated by taking baseline data divided by a normalizing factor (usually tons of crush) and then multiplying by 0,85 to find the 15 % reduction target.
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    Please provide the exact source of your text, specifically the industrial process which is under discussion.

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    Hi ottf, in my opinion it's impossible to say what "crush" means on the strength of the context provided. Has "crush" been used before in the text? What's ADM? What's GHG? What is the wider context? Is it mineral extraction or some other activity in which a crushed substance could be referred to as "crush"?
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