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¿Alguien podría ayudarme con la traducción de "crushed cells" en el siguiente contexto?
Se trata de un informe histopatológico. Dice: "Crushed cells in small clusters, suggestive of anterior pituitary and hemorrhage, non-diagnostic for tumor".

Mi intento: "Células aplanadas??? dispuestas en pequeños conglomerados, que sugieren adenohipófisis y hemorragia, sin elementos diagnósticos que indiquen tumor"

Les agradezco su ayuda, comentarios, correcciones! Siempre aprendo mucho de Uds.!!!

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    (On crushing in blood cells)
    Blood cells may show distortion artifacts. Distorted cells occur as a result of compression or crushing. Compression is due to the pressure of cells upon each other, and crushing is by mechanical pressure which ruptures cells when the smear is made. Compressed cells appear smaller than normal with darker staining cytoplasm. Monocytes and lymphocytes are easily crushed. The monocyte, when crushed, may exhibit a U-shaped nuclear remnant. The lymphocyte will develop "spindle forms." Abnormal crushed cells are the "smudge" or "basket cells" which are immature or fragile leukocytes. These smudge cells are found predominantly in diseases with an acute shift toward immature forms, e.g., leukemias.
    But I don't know what it is in Spanish. Is Dr. Ilialluna in the house?


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    Gracias! That's awesome. Thank you for this information! I will try to investigate a bit more taking this as a start... if anyone else can shed some more light on how to say it in Spanish, I would really appreciate it!
    Thanks again!


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    Hematología: medicina de laboratorio - Page 815 - Google Books Result -
    J Miale - 1985 - ‎Medical
    Las células aplastadas suelen tener una zona central clara, que representa ... (1973 b) también aplica este término a células aplastadas en otras leucemias.

    Trastornos neoplásicos de células linfocíticas for ... - Scribd
    Jan 9, 2015 - de leucemia secundaria y al hecho de que la mayoría de los pacientes .... de linfocitos pequeños y algunas células aplastadas. © Editorial El ...


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    The wording may seem slightly ambiguous, but I interpret the report as ‘clusters of crushed cells suggestive of anterior pituitary [origin] and hemorrhage [i.e. blood]’. In other words, the crushed cells are thought to represent normal (non-tumor) cells from the anterior pituitary, and the specimen is not diagnostic of tumor. In addition there’s blood in the sample. You’re saying this is from a histopathology report (as opposed to a cytology report) so presumably the specimen examined is a tissue sample although it is possible that a smear was made (also). The wording doesn’t suggest that the exam was done to evaluate the blood.

    Certain types of tissues and tumors are crushed very easily during handling and tissue processing and subsequently exhibit crush artifact under the microscope, which is called artefacto de estiramiento in this report on neuroendocrine carcinomas of the urogenital tract: Tienen escaso citoplasma, la sobreposición nuclear, hipercromatismo y el moldeamiento son típicos. También, como en otros sitios, el artefacto de estiramiento (Crush artifact) es notable. Ref: Neuroendocrinos del Aparato Urogenital.pdf page 5.
    I don’t know if that helps…I guess you could say, clusters of cells with crush artifact...or wait for native input :)

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