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I'm trying to find the translation for crushed metal.
Here's the context:
"No one was hurt by the explosion, which scattered crushed metal and [.....]"
My attempt: "Nadie fue herido por la explosion que desparramo desechos de metal...."

What do you think? Is there another way?

Thank you!
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    Quizás metal molido

    DRAE moler. (Del lat. molĕre).
    1. tr. Quebrantar un cuerpo, reduciéndolo a menudísimas partes, o hasta hacerlo polvo.

    Generalmente en explosiones se dice "fragmentos de metal" o "esquirlas de metal"

    DRAE esquirla. (Etim. disc.).
    1. f. Astilla de un hueso desprendida de este por caries o por fractura.
    2. f. Astilla desprendida de una piedra, de un cristal, etc.


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    I would use "arrojó" since the sentence makes reference to an explosion. Another posibility is "esparció" which is not as strong as the first one.

    Better yet, "proyectó trozos ó fragmentos de metal"
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