1. sarat Member

    U.S. English
    How would I say "I'm crushed"? As in, everytime you do this [bad thing], I'm crushed. Thanks in advance.
  2. Rafa83 Member

    Spain, spanish
    Coud you specify more what are you feeling when you say this phrase?
  3. Xaoey

    Xaoey New Member

    Washington, USA
    USA - English
    To be (feel) crushed means to feel completely dejected and saddened - kind of like depressed, but this is more of a temporary feeling.

    For example,
    "When I recieved my report card and found that I had failed math, I was crushed. I thought I would recieve a good grade!"

    "When Tom asked Lisa to go to the dance with him, I was crushed. I wanted to go with him!"
  4. Julie_UM

    Julie_UM Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina, Spanish
    Does "crushed" have a hint of anger?? The translation into Spanish says "indignado". We use that word to mean we are upset because we think something or someone is not being fair.
    Thanks in advance!
  5. Xaoey

    Xaoey New Member

    Washington, USA
    USA - English
    I don't usually think about it that way - when I use "crushed" I mean that there is hurt involved more than anything. More sadness than anger. Hopefully that makes sense... :)

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